Conversations on Seabourn Odyssey L.A. to Barbados January 2017

Books mentioned in Andy’s conversations on Seabourn Odyssey, January 6-February 6, 2017, Los Angeles to Barbados through the Panama Canal.

Innocents Abroad

Innocents Abroad Mark Twain

The Most Famous Man in America  Debby Applegate

Engines of Empire Douglas R. Burgess Jr.

Roughing It Mark Twain

Life on the Mississippi Mark Twain

Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens Jerome Loving

Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain Justin Kaplan

The Singular Mark Twain Fred Kaplan

Mark Twain Ron Powers

Mark Twain: Man in White Michael Shelden

Disease in History

great_mortalityThe Great Mortality, John Kelly

great_influenzaThe Great Influenza, John M. Barry

ghost_mapThe Ghost Map, Steven Johnson

fluFlu, Gina Kolata

american_plagueThe American Plague, Molly Caldwell Crosby

cholera_yearsThe Cholera Years, Charles E. Rosenberg

disease_in_historyDisease in History, Frederick F. Cartwright

epidemics in historyEpidemics in History, Sheldon Watts

The Greatest Benefit to Mankind, Roy Porter

Death in Hamburg, Richard J. Evans

Rounding Cape Horn

Empire of Tea, Alan MacFarlane and Iris MacFarlane

A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World, William J. Bernstein

Rivers of Gold, Hugh Thomas

Conquerors: How Portugal Forged the First Global Empire, Roger Crowley

Batavias Graveyard, Mike Dash

Sea of Glory, Nathaniel Philbrick

The Race to the New World, Douglas Hunter

Over the Edge of the World, Laurence Bergreen

The Spanish American War

The Golden Empire, Hugh Thomas

Conquerors, Roger Crowley

Rivers of Gold, Hugh Thomas

Pathfinders: A Global History of Exploration, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

World Without End, Hugh Thomas

Railroaded, Richard White

The War with Spain in 1898, David F. Trask

Manila and Santiago, Jim Leeke

Empire by Default, Ivan Musicant

Bullets and Bacilli, Vincent J. Cirillo

The Philippine War 1899-1902, Brian McAllister Linn

King Leopold’s Soliloquy, Mark Twain

The Path Between the Seas, David McCullough

The Suez and Panama Canals

pathThe Path Between the Seas, David McCullough

parting_desertParting the Desert, Zachary Karabell

Maritime Connections 

middle_seaThe Middle Sea, John Julius Norwich

great_seaThe Great Sea, David Abulafia

pathThe Path Between the Seas, David McCullough

pacificPacific, Simon Winchester

mortal_seaThe Mortal Sea, W. Jeffrey Bolster

parting_desertParting the Desert, Zachary Karabell

sea_civilizationThe Sea and Civilization, Lincoln Paine

Coal, A Human History, Barbara Freese

The River of Doubt

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Morris

Theodore Rex, Edmund Morris

Colonel Roosevelt, Edmund Morris

Ship of Gold and the Deep Blue Sea, Gary Kinder

The River of Doubt, Candice Millard

Through the Brazilian Wilderness, Theodore Roosevelt

American Civil War Afloat

Lincoln and His Admirals Craig L. Symonds

Civil War at Sea Craig L. Symonds

War on the Waters  James M. McPherson

CSS Alabama vs USS Kearsarge  Mark Lardas

Wolf of the Deep  Stephen Fox


The Seeking Gary McKay

The Last Shot Lynn Schooler

The Shenandoah Affair Paul Williams

Sea of Gray Tom Chaffin

Confederate Raiders in the North Pacific Murray Morgan

CSS Shenandoah James L. Waddell

The Last Confederate Ship at Sea Paul William

Confederates Down Under

Most Famous Man in America Debby Applegate

Empire of Cotton Sven Beckert

The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe James Dunwoody Bulloch

The Caribbean and the Early Age of Exploration

Columbus: The Four Voyages, Lurence Bergreen

Longitude, Dava Sobel

Sextant, David Barrie

Devil in the White City, Erik Larson

Black Rock and Blue Water:  The Wreck of RMS Rhone

The First Atlantic Liners, Peter Allington

Engines of Empire, Douglas Burgess Jr.

British Mail Steamers to South America 1851-1965, Robert Forrester

Royal Mail: A Centenary History of the Royal Mail Line 1839-1939, T.A. Bushell

The Guns of August: World War I at Sea

First World War John Keegan

The Sleepwalkers Christopher Clark

Woodrow Wilson John Milton Cooper Jr.

Castles of Steel Robert K. Massie

Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War Max Hastings

From Imperial Splendor to Internment Nicolas Wolz

1913 In Search of the World Before the Great War Charles Emmerson

The War that Ended the Peace Margaret MacMillian

Towards the Flame Dominic Liever

Guns of August Barbara Tuchman

The Russian Origins of World War I Sean McMeekin

Dead Wake Eric Larson

The Deluge Arthur Marwick

Over Here David M. Kennedy

The Last Lincoln Conspirator

American Brutus  Michael Kauffman

Manhunt  James Swanson

The Empire of Cotton  Sven Beckert

Last Lincoln Conspirator Andrew C.A. Jampoler