Books Mentioned in “Lost in the Ice” Balch Library Talk

The Mortal Sea W. Jeffrey Bolster

Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilizations Brian Fagan

Leviathan: History of Whaling in America Eric Jay Dolin

The War Against the Seals Briton Cooper Busch

Cod Mark Kurlansky

The Doryman’s Reflection: A Fisherman’s Life Paul Molyneaux

Leviathan or the Whale Phillip Hoare

Whaling Captains of Color America’s First Meritocracy Skip Finley

Mocha Dick or the White Whale of the Pacific J.N. Reynolds

In the Heart of the Sea Nathaniel Philbrick

Moby Dick Herman Melville

The War that Ended the Peace Margaret MacMillian

Towards the Flame Dominic Liever

Guns of August Barbara Tuchman

The Russian Origins of World War I Sean McMeekin

Over Here David M. Kennedy

Castles of Steel Robert K. Massie

Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War Max Hastings

From Imperial Splendor to Internment Nicolas Wolz

1913 In Search of the World Before the Great War Charles Emmerson

The Deluge Arthur Marwick

Curse of the Narrows Laura MacDonald

Flu Gina Kolata

The Great Influenza John M. Barry