Praise for Last Lincoln Conspirator Back

A really fine addition to the assassination literature. For too many years John Surratt has lurked in the shadows of Lincoln’s assassination. Andrew Jampoler casts a spotlight on this intersting conspirator, wiping away the layers of accumulated myth and half-truths about his role and his subsequent trial in civil court. For the first time since that tragic event, we can read the complete story about Booth;s most capable conspirator.

Finally, John Surratt, one of John Wilkes Booth’s closest accomplishes, has the attention he has long deserved. Jampoler has completes a Herculean task, unearthing long-lost details about Surratt’s days hiding in Canada and his almost madcap sdventures in Europe, the Vatican, and Egypt, successfully evading capture for almost two years. Setting the stage for this drama, Jampoler enriches his narrative with remarkable contextual detail about the post-Civil War world and the characters whose lives were touched by this young rebel conspirator. Jampoler’s research closes the void in the history of the assassination conspiracy: the story of the final conspriator who–shockingly–managed to get away.

— Kate Clifford Larson

When it comes to the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, John Surratt has always been relegated to a few paragraphs, but his saga is, in many respects, the most interesting part of the story. In the Last Lincoln Conspirator Andrew Jampoler does an admirable job illuminating Surratt’s life as an undercover agent; his flight half way around the world; and his capture, escape and subsequent recapture. With a keen eye for detail, Jampoler shows that Surratt was not merely a suspect fleeing from justice but also a small player made large by the focus of international law, anti-Catholicisn, and domestic politics…A must-read for anyone who wants to know what happened to the lone Booth plotter who got away.

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