Lectures on Regent Mariner Montreal to Miami Oct-Nov 2017

Here are books mentioned in Andy’s talks on Regent Mariner.

Disaster at Lady Franklin Bay: The Greely Expedition

Ice Blink Scott Cookman

Lady Franklin’s Revenge Ken McGoogan

Ghosts of Cape Sabine Leonard F. Guttridge

In the Kingdom of Ice Hampston Sides

Three Years of Arctic Survivors Adolphus Greely

Abandoned Alden Todd

The Rescue of Greely Winfield Scott Schley

Congo Andrew C.A. Jampoler

Last Lincoln Conspirator

American Brutus  Michael Kauffman

Manhunt  James Swanson

The Empire of Cotton  Sven Beckert

Last Lincoln Conspirator Andrew C.A. Jampoler

Lost in the Ice

The Great Influenza John M. Barry

Flu Gina Kolata

Leviathan or the Whale Phillip Hoare

In the Heart of the Sea Nathaniel Philbrick

Moby Dick Herman Melville

Mocha Dick or the White Whale of the Pacific J.N. Reynolds

Leviathan: History of Whaling in America Eric Jay Dolin

The War Against the Seals Briton Cooper Busch

Cod Mark Kurlansky

The Mortal Sea W. Jeffrey Bolster

Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilizations Brian Fagan

The Doryman’s Reflection: A Fisherman’s Life Paul Molyneaux

Black Rock and Blue Water

Engines of Empire Douglas R. Burgess Jr.

The First Atlantic Liners Peter Allington, Basil Greenhill

British Mail Steamers to South America 1851-1965 Robert Forrester

Black Rock and Blue Water Andrew C.A. Jampoler

Innocents Abroad

Innocents Abroad Mark Twain

The Most Famous Man in America  Debby Applegate

Roughing It Mark Twain

Life on the Mississippi Mark Twain

Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens Jerome Loving

Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain Justin Kaplan

The Singular Mark Twain Fred Kaplan

Mark Twain Ron Powers

Mark Twain: Man in White Michael Shelden

Disease in History

great_mortalityThe Great Mortality John Kelly

great_influenzaThe Great Influenza John M. Barry

ghost_mapThe Ghost Map Steven Johnson

fluFlu Gina Kolata

american_plagueThe American Plague Molly Caldwell Crosby

cholera_yearsThe Cholera Years Charles E. Rosenberg

disease_in_historyDisease in History Frederick F. Cartwright

epidemics in historyEpidemics in History Sheldon Watts

The Greatest Benefit to Mankind Roy Porter

Death in Hamburg Richard J. Evans

The Other Slavery Andres Resendez